I love basketball and used to be member of high school and university school basketball team.


Also I’m super and crazy fan of Kobe starting from 2007. The reason I become a Kobe fan is not only his championships, his magnificent moves, his excellent techniques, but also his passion, his courage, his pursuit of perfection and his unyeilding spirit.

Gundam & Gunpla


(My work!)

Maybe the Gundam is the primary reason why I fell in love with robotics when I was just a kid. With all this years, I love building Gunpla (Model Kits of Gundam), and building Gunpla makes me peaceful and clam.



If let me select one of the most significant inventions in 20th century, I would say LEGO must be a member of them. Just like what I want to do with robots, its freedom to create and build is one of key property the ultimate way of design robots should have! Also I love to collect LEGO minigures!